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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Using What I Have

I have some furniture that I really didn't want to part with, though I know someone else will be able to use and appreciate the pieces as much as I do.  But there are a couple of things I'm going to use for my tiny house after all.  Instead of having the usual kitchen cupboards and counter tops put in I figured I could use something I already have.  

I have a butcher's block that looks almost like this one:

This will be my main workspace.

Across from it, I plan on using a kitchen buffet I have for my sink area.  It looks a lot like this:

I'll use the top hutch piece elsewhere since I'll be having a window above my sink.  I'll cut out the wood top surface to place the sink in (and probably reinforce underneath it).  I'll take out the drawer and attach the drawer front to the hutch, and my plumbing will go in the cupboards underneath.  

I also plan on building or putting in a tall cupboard for a few shelves, and to house my small refrigerator. 

 And I'll use my small kitchen table and chairs as well.  

In my mudroom I'll be able to use my tall bench that I've always loved: 

 So I'll be able to keep the "farmhouse" or "cottage" style I've always loved, and put some of my old, favorite furniture pieces to good use.  They're kind of like old friends. 

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