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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Forgot About Solar and Wood

Yes, solar power is part of my plan.  Right now I have an 80 watt panel on top of my van.  I put it there a couple of years ago when we were camping a lot.  I have 2 deep cycle batteries and a 1,000 watt inverter in my van as well, and it has been great to know we can always have a fan, lights, laptop, etc. and not be taxing our van's battery. 

I won't be able to afford a larger solar and 12 volt set-up for a while, but for the time-being we will use electricity from our landlord's home.  I do not know much about wiring the tiny house for 12 volt dc, so if anyone can point me to some good informative websites, please do.  

I would also like to have the option of a tiny wood stove as well.  I'm looking at the 4-Dog Stove Company's wood burners.  They are 'portable' wood stoves, but they have an excellent reputation for strength and stability.  They have 2-dog, 3-dog, 4-dog, and 5-dog models - I think I'd be fine with a 2 or 3 dog.  

I have been in love with the Esse stove for many years... alas, I would have to really save up for this beauty.  


I also love the Baker's Oven.  

But I know for a tiny house I would need one of the smallest wood stoves out there.

Right now I have one of these (electric) :

It puts out a lot of heat, and I wonder if I may use it partially for heat in my tiny house?  I am planning on using one of these for our main heat source:

 And since I sleep with one of these, my night-time heat is covered :)  His name is Barkley :)

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