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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here Goes....

I wasn't sure if I wanted to 'blog' about my tiny house build or not.  I decided to try this out for a couple of reasons, 1. to possibly be of some help to someone else out there, and 2. to document my progress. 

Every time I read a blog or watch a video about a tiny house build I am inspired.  It gives me hope that I can succeed in this endeavor too.  And while I see many young people building tiny houses I am also seeing many 'older' people too.  I am one of those older people (51 right now).  I'm going to be doing nearly all of the work by myself, so I guess if I can do it, so can someone else that may have doubts?  

In addition to the hope and inspiration that I gain from others' blogs, I also see the many variations and ideas that everyone comes up with.  The talent and creativity I've seen is amazing!  Sometimes just one different way of doing even something small helps me to think of a solution to a problem or a new way of achieving the result I want.  Or I just fall in love with a new feature I see and change my plan completely!

In documenting my progress I think it will help me to remain optimistic and focus on what I've achieved.  Journaling and writing has always helped me sort things out, and 'digest' the activities of life.  

Why do I think I can build a real house?  Well, in past years my children and I built a barn and several other farm buildings.  I learned a great deal through all of that, and I love designing and building simple, beautiful structures.  Now that there are also so many resources online to help, I am choosing to be confident that I will succeed at this!  My children are incredibly loving and supportive, and even if they can't help a lot physically, their emotional support feeds my soul.  After several years of debilitating illness I want to show them, and myself, that I am a healthy, strong person again.  

I remember the incredible feeling of building our barn - I knew every nail, screw, hinge, 2x4, and sheet of plywood.  I had an intimate, often love-hate, relationship with my circular saw and drivers.  And when it stormed, and I waited it out in the barn with our sheep and goats, I felt an amazing sense of ... I can't even think of a word for it... intimacy comes to mind again, and a bit of pride I guess.  It was big and strong and despite it's flaws it was beautiful to me, and I built it.  I want to have that same feeling with my house.  

In the 12 years since I lost my farm I haven't had a "home".  With each house or apartment I never felt settled. I am so yearning to finally have a place that truly feels like home, and I think I will feel that through building this little house.  I almost called this blog "finally, home", but I wanted to put the word "tiny" in the title so that people looking for blogs about tiny houses could find it easier?  I am a Michigander, and my daughter tells me I am fierce and tough like our state's mascot, the wolverine, so that became the name. 


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