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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The "Final" Plan

Today I made the sketch of my house plans much larger on the graph paper.  I included the full space of the walls so that I could really see how much living space is actually available.  I also marked out where light fixtures, electrical outlets and switches will most likely be, and I got my plan adjusted so that all of my plumbing will be along one wall - bathtub, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink (we'll be using a composting toilet, no plumbing needed for that). I wish I could take a picture of my drawing and post it. 

After making zillions of changes, over the past few weeks, I think I've got it figured out:
(the actual house size will depend on what size trailer I will be able to get)

- trailer size: 24'

- house size: 26' x 8' (I've been researching cantilevering - a foot on each end)

- total square footage including lofts, add-on pantry and mudroom: 330 sq.feet

- ~ 17' x 7.5' living & kitchen area (including my couch/bed)

- 4.5' x 7.5' bathroom

- 4' x 7.5' "downstairs" storage/clothing room for my daughter with stairs going up to her bed loft

- T 1-11 exterior, plywood and bead board interior

- pink, fluffy R-13 insulation (please don't yell at me, I'm on a tight budget) 

- asphalt shingles (something I have experience with vs. metal roofing)

- 50 amp electrical service (using led lighting and low wattage appliances)

- electric 'oil filled, radiator' heater (or one of the cute little "Envi" heaters)

- Eccotemp L10 propane tankless water heater with SHURflo water pump

- 40 gallon fresh water holding tank

- point well with hand pump for tank fill (I've put down 4 of these simple, useful wells in the past.  If you have a high water table they are cheap and work great - only go down max. of 25')

- a "large" 4.5' x 7.5' bathroom with a 40" tub, 18" vanity/sink, composting toilet and 24"            closet/shelving for clothes

-  2 loft areas - one 8'x8', the other 4'x8' with dormer roof line for added head space

- add-on pantry - a 5'x8' 'room' off the end of the tiny house, but attached

- a "mud room" built the same way as the pantry, built off the long wall of the house, where the front door will be

My time frame is tight.  I won't have money to start till probably September, and I need to get the shell built (something we can stay in) by the end of December.  At that time the lease on my townhouse will be up.  I plan on doing finish work inside throughout the winter and spring. 
I can do this, right?

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