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Friday, June 7, 2013

"Must Haves"

In planning our tiny homes we all have things that are really important to us.  Sometimes it takes living without something you may have taken for granted, to realize that if you have a choice, you want that in your life.  

When my washer/dryer combo gave out on me, I realized how much I took it for granted.  I don't mind going to the laundromat, but it sure is nice to be able to wash something in your own home.  I can't afford one of the really nice  - tiny house size - washer/dryer units, but I found this one that I am planning on making space for:  the brand name is 'Panda' and isn't it adorable?

I found it on Amazon, and have watched youtube videos on how it works:  From reviews, it sounds like it washes very well, but you have to actually attach hoses to fill it and empty the water.  It looks like it agitates really well.  The tiny 'spin dryer' spins the clothes to nearly dry.  There is no heat with the dryer so clothing must hang for a bit to fully dry.  It reminds me of a salad spinner - multifunctional?  It's extremely lightweight (28#), so you could move it to various places if you want, and for under $170 I won't mind the extra work that goes into washing and drying, and having the ability to do so without taking laundry elsewhere. 

Another of my "must haves" is a bathtub.  At first I thought I'd have to purchase a small tub from an RV parts dealer.  The shipping charges were terrible.  But I am finding that Home Depot has a great variety of appliances and things that are small and hard to find elsewhere.  
 At 46 1/2" in length and a depth of 12" it is larger than a typical RV tub but smaller than a regular 60" bathtub.  It is also less expensive than an RV tub of much smaller size.  By adding another foot to my bathroom layout I'll be able to have a decent size little tub :).  

This is another of my "must haves":

I will be looking for a place in the country to park our tiny house.  I  raised hundreds of chickens (and lots of other animals) during our farm years when my children were young.  I miss it terribly, and want just a few laying hens now, for their cruelty free eggs, their endless entertainment value, and their sweet, warm companionship. 

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