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Friday, June 7, 2013

A Pantry Like My Mom Had... will this work?

 In the house I grew up in we had a 'real' pantry.  It was a wonderful little room lined with bright, white shelves, and all of my mom's canning, and our other foods, looked so neat and organized.  My children's memories of being in Grandma's pantry are wonderful too.  I haven't had a pantry like it in any of the houses I've lived in since then.

I'm planning our tiny house kitchen to be pretty roomy, but even a few shelves will not be enough space for a larger food supply, and lots of home-canned jars.  I've always wanted a pantry like my mom had, and my daughter recently said, 'then you should have one'!  So I'm thinking of building an 'addition' onto my tiny house.  It would sit on the ground level, and butt-up to the  house's end wall (and there would be a door going out of the house into the added-on room, of course).  

Back in my farm days we built lots of outbuildings and a large barn, and then we often added a room onto a structure.  Because of the overhang of the roof, and sealing the added-on walls, we never had any rain leak through that area where the add-on joined the larger structure.  I thought that I could put an outdoor electrical outlet on the outside wall of the house, and when the room was added on it would then be 'in' the room.  Then I would be able to have power in the pantry for lights and possibly a small freezer.  

I haven't yet seen anyone add a 'room' onto the outside of their tiny house.  I could just get a longer trailer, make the whole house longer, incorporating the pantry into the house.  But I'm not sure how long I want the house to be - the more I add into the planning the longer it seems to get!  It seems like it will cost less to not make the pantry part of the actual house (because the trailer can be five feet less in length).  I don't plan on moving the tiny house often at all.  I want to build up a tiny homestead and 'stay put'.  The pantry add-on would be the width of the house (8') and 5' in depth.  It could be detached from the tiny house and moved on it's own, just like people move sheds built on skids.  Will this work?

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